CBC Back Story

In late 2019, I realised that although I had lived in the borough of Camden for over 30 years, I still didn’t feel part of the community. I live in Belsize Park and as lovely and safe an area to live and bring up children in, the Belsize Park and Hampstead community didn’t provide me with anything that made me feel part of a rich and diverse community, that recognised or celebrated my culture. In late 2020 following the pandemic, the murder of George Floyd and the BLM movement, myself and 3 other local artists and residents of Camden, Violeta Sofia, Auda Sakho and Shade Adekoya, decided that It was now more imperative, as a black person, to be part of a change that will help support the fight for diversity, inclusivity and racial equality.

We are all local creatives and have struggled to find representation of our work in our local community or even an affordable place to work from without leaving the borough. We realised that there was very little to no real representation for black creatives who lived or worked in Camden. This led us to start and launch Camden Black Creatives (CBC) in Feb 2021.

Launched in 2021, The Camden Black Creatives (CBC) is a cultural collective network, strengthened by the global call for equality. Our mission is for Camden to showcase the work of all creatives by championing and ensuring the representation of black artists, freelancers and businesses. CBC envisions a multicultural Camden were all individuals and organisations could have equal opportunities in the borough.

Though the promotion of black cultures, CBC’s mission is to enrich and develop the community in Camden through diverse creativity, mentoring and sustainable commercial ventures powered by inclusive collaborations. In Addition, CBC is dedicated to making a joyful, inspirational experience for everyone that lives, works or visits the borough.

Our diverse group of creatives includes

Visual artists, Photographers, Designers, Writers, Poets, Directors, Costume designers, Pattern Cutters, Interior designers, Musicians.

Our Vision

Our vision is to one day have a permanent and multi use space for black artists, where our creativity can flourish through cultural collaborations and mentoring. CBC envisions a multicultural Camden where all individuals and organisations could have an equal opportunity in the Borough.

Our Mission

Through the promotion of black arts and cultures, CBC aims to enrich and develop the community in Camden through diverse creativity, mentoring, education, and sustainable commercial ventures powered by inclusive collaboration of artists, businesses and freelancers. In addition, CBC is dedicated to making experiences enjoyable and inspirational for everyone who lives, works or visits Camden.

Caroline “Chi Chi” Chinakwe


Mixed media artist and designer. Alumni of London College of Fashion, she has over 20 years experience working in the fashion industry and over 7 years as project manager, mentor and facilitator.

Violeta Sofia


Photographer and Artist based in London, best known for her celebrity photography and political art. Violeta is also a qualified lecturer with 10 years of experience.

Auda Sakho

Press Officer

Costume Creatives and Designer. Auda has worked as a freelance Designer for Julian McDonald and Jonathan Saunders as a Sample Room Assistant and Assistant Designer.

Sade Adekoya

Finance Officer

Sade built her career as a Business Consultant over the past thirty years in Industry including financial services, manufacturing, media, entertainment and energy.