CBC Killburn Studio Camden

Become a CBC Member today for a one-time fee of £27!

Benefits of becoming a CBC member:

Shared resources: We support each other with shared studio spaces, equipment, and materials, allowing our members to access resources they may not be able to afford on their own.

Collaboration opportunities: Being part of a CBC gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other members, which can lead to new ideas, techniques, and styles.

Networking: We hold events that provide opportunities for our members to connect with other creatives which can lead to new opportunities.

Shared knowledge and skills: Collectives allow members to share knowledge and skills with each other, such as how to navigate the art world, or how to use certain materials or techniques.

Support and Community:
Being part of CBC will provide a sense of community and support for creatives, who may otherwise feel isolated in their work.

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To hire our photography studio or event space for workshops, an annual membership fee of £27 is required. This fee helps to ensure the studio remains accessible and affordable.

Email us at hello@camdenblackcreatives.org or use the Contact page to book a viewing of the studio or book your first session!