Ensuring Inclusivity and Visibility of black creatives in Camden.

We love the borough of Camden

Camden Black Creatives is a network of creatives and cultural producers of African heritage, strengthened by the global call for equality and overt diverse representation both at institutional level and accessibility to resources.

Camden is known for its diversity, culture, and art. So what better way to welcome in a new start than through culture and creativity. We are proud to live and work in the borough of Camden. We aim to always inspire community pride especially if it moves residents, businesses, and visitors to create a more inclusive corner of the city.

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Create Advocate and Build

Our Mission is to galvanise support and spotlight the work of established and up-and-coming Black creatives and those who identify as Black across the London Borough of Camden, thereby propelling more equitable representation of Black artists, freelancers and businesses in the Borough.

Our Vision

  • To curate the black history, culture and experience in Camden Proving a valued audience for Black creativity.
  • To enrich and develop community inclusivity/diversity in Camden.
  • Promoting business and encouraging collaborations.
  • Delivering talks, workshops, mentoring activities.

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    Reports and Data on Inequalities

    Camden is known for its culture and art, also is one of the most diverse areas of the country, with a history of fighting for equality and progress, so it is important for Councillors and those making decisions for the ethnic community in Camden, to understand the lived experiences of Black, Asian and other ethnic groups in Camden, in order to make the right decision for us.

    While writing this report, we did extensive research in the hopes to find detailed and current reports with data on Camden's ethnic minority community, their needs, every day challenges and aspirations, but the reports we found gave very little to help understand the true experiences of minority groups and the effect inequality, racial injustice and unconscious bias has on every aspect of our lives. Below are excerpts from the reports we were able to find.

    For more details please download our full report for 2021

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    Road Map

    The Culture Hub

    Despite huge leaps in community uptake of the online space over the last year, face to face and in person is still the best way of interacting with the community. The CBC wishes to prioritise a Culture Hub for black creatives, businesses, history and education in the borough of Camden. We want to create a permanent inclusive and multifunctional space where we can drive progress for advisory and advocacy support in diversity and inclusion projects both within the local community and inviting partnerships/collaborations on various projects outside of Camden.

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    Giving back

    • Mentoring young minds and inspire them to positiveness and action.

    • Creating a support network for independent artists which would allow to feel empowered, inspired and explore their art.

    • Teaching young minds how to support themselves financially through their art.

    • Teaching young creatives how to effectively network.

    • Supporting creatives mental health and constantly instill confidence through a promotion of a healthy work/life balance.

    • Community outreach: colleges and universities, community organisations, governmental and private entities, collaborations with artists, advocacy groups and influencers.

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    Our Projects & Accomplishments

    Since the launch of CBC in February 2021, we are so proud to say that in such a short time and with all members in CBC’s committee working as full time artists, parents, carers and with very little funding, we were able to accomplish some of our goals for 2021.

    • Successful set-up of community group (CBC), starting with 4 committee members to now over 700 followers on social media and over 100 CBC members with over 70% living or working in Camden
    • Delivered 7 projects.
    • Engaged with over 2000 community residents and visitors.
    • Collaborated with 4 different organisations
    • 2 new collaborations gained from the PopUp

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    Help bring the change

    Consultancy – Continuing to work with local government and businesses in an advisory capacity to help them build towards a more inclusive equitable vision based on representation of minority groups within the community.

    Work experience – To provide valuable learning and employment experience for Camden’s underrepresented youths in the creative sector through internships, training schemes and mentorship.

    Masterclasses – Targeted to assist creatives within the community wishing to increase their skills as well as share techniques and best practice within the industry, therefore building networks across our local community.

    Events – Building a community relies on consistent engagement and momentum. This needs to be done through the use of inclusive, accessible and relevant activities to promote cultural awareness. We intend to do this by expanding on previous exhibitions and festivals as well as developing talks, workshops and webinars.

    Competitions – Develop sustainable competitions to build a sustainable source of self-funding for projects, therefore reducing reliance on external funding, while at the same time increasing awareness of CBC projects and events.

    Field trips – Organise cultural field trips which would increase the educational value of projects.

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