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Our mission is to galvanise support and spotlight the work of established and upcoming black creatives and those who identify as blacks across the London Borough of Camden, thereby propelling more equitable representation of black artists, freelancers and businesses in the Borough. Read more

Ensuring Inclusivity and Visibility of black creatives in Camden

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Mentoring young minds and inspiring them to positiveness and action.

Camden is known for its diversity, culture, and art. So what better way to welcome in a new start than through culture and creativity.

We are proud to live and work in the borough of Camden. We aim to always inspire community pride especially if it moves residents, businesses, and visitors to create a more inclusive corner of the city.

We create a support network for independent artists which would allow them to feel empowered, inspired and explore their art.

We teach young minds how to support themselves financially through their art as well as network effectively.

We support creatives mental health and constantly instil confidence through a promotion of healthy work / life balance.

Community outreach: Colleges and universities, community organisations, government and private entities, collaboration with artists, advocacy groups and influencers.

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By Temi Adeyemi 

It was a 4-hour late afternoon booking we had made at the CBC studio on a sunny Saturday afternoon in May. We were met by a warm and enthusiastic member of the CBC team who showed us around and ensured we were happy and had all the information we required before leaving us to our own devices.

Everything was clean, colourful and perfect for creativity. Provision of equipment including furniture, coloured backdrops, lighting equipment, artwork and even a Canon video camera were made available for our use. The much needed kitchen area complete with microwave, kettle and fridge allowed us to cater for the cast and crew, and the spacious toilet doubled as a changing/make up room. Everything worked like clockwork making the experience a smooth and effortless one.

The studio is a cosy set up that lends itself to many uses and is conveniently located just across the road from Kilburn underground station, and surrounded by a wealth of cafes, restaurants and convenience stores. The whole environment buzzes with the sound of people going about their various activities which diffuses into the space giving it a unique charm while reminding you that it is a community-centred resource.

If you’ve been looking for somewhere to go that will give you the freedom to express your creativity and develop your ideas, artistic skills and talents, I would encourage you to waste no more time, and check out the CBC studio!